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Well aligned teeth, gives you confidence to smile with no restrictions. Live the way you want. Working on your confidence is now easier with Invisalign

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign in Gurgaon


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is brand of clear aligners, owned by Align Tech US. They invented clear aligner technique in 1997. Clear aligners are used for aligning teeth just like braces. There are number of sets of aligners made after an digital oral scan.

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Are they like other aligners?

Invisalign is the most selling clear aligner in the world. They are faster than average aligners, extremely comfortable, use patented technology to move teeth unlike the clones. They are gold standard in aligners.

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Why they command premium?

They are US FDA approved orthodontic device. Use certified BPA free material for manufacturing. Manufacturing is completely robotic with minimal human intervention. Severe cases of non-alignment can be treated. Sure shot results.

Why Invisalign with us?

Invisalign Certified Gurgaon

Invisalign Certified Doctors

We have multiple Invisalign Certified dentist in Gurgaon with nearly 15 years of experience. Managed extraction cases with Invisalign, which is a rarity.

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Multi Specialty Clinics

With Doctors from various specialties, any need for intra-disciplinary case management like, a root canal or a tooth extraction, can be managed in-house

invsalign Clinic

Tech Centric Approach

Invisalign treatment is highly tech dependent. We have in-house oral scanner & case planning software. Dr Ankita Sawant one of the few doctors in India, who worked for Invisalign US (case planning).

Right Package For Your Smile


Minor Corrections
Short & Simple

One Jaw : Rs 80,000/-
Both Jaws : Rs 1,20,000/-

Check Offer Price

Valid Till 20th Dec Only

One Jaw : Rs 70,000/-
Both Jaws : Rs 90,000/-

07 Aligners

Treatment Time : 4 Months

Refinement - Chargeable

Free Additional Aligners - 0


Slight  Corrections
When you need little more

One Jaw: Rs 1,30,000/-
Both Jaws: Rs 1,70,000/-

Check Offer Price

 Valid Till 20th Dec Only 

One Jaw : Rs 90,000/-
Both Jaws : Rs 1,10,000/-

14 Aligners

Treatment Time : upto 10 Months

Refinement - 1 Free

Free Additional Aligners - 1 set


Most Corrections
Should be enough for most folks

One Jaw: Rs 1,80,000/-
Both Jaws: Rs 2,20,000/-

Check Offer Price

Valid Till 20th Dec Only

One Jaw : Rs 1,50,000/-
Both Jaws : Rs 1,90,000/-

26 Aligners

Treatment Time : upto 18 Months

Refinement - Unlimited

Free Additional Aligners - upto 2 years


Severe Corrections
For exceptional folks

Rs 2,70,000/ -

Check Offer Price

 Valid Till 20th Dec Only 

Rs 2,20,000/-

Unlimited Aligners

Time : upto 24 Months

Refinement - Unlimited

Free Additional Aligners - upto 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the doctor?

It depends on which clinic you are visiting.

At Sector 51, Gurugram, your Invisalign treatment will be done under Dr Ankita Sawant Sheoran (MDS). 14 years experience. Invisalign Certified 

At Sector 109, Gurugram, your Invisalign treatment will be done under Dr Gayatri Ganesh (MDS). 10 years experience Invisalign Certified.

Sector 71 : To be appointed

What are the steps of Invisalign Treatment?

Following are steps to start your Invisalign treatment
Initial Discussion

Clinical evaluation by the doctor, to find issues that needs to be corrected. You will know which Invisalign plan, you would need.

Oral Scan/Putty Impression 

An oral scan is done and also a physical impression of the jaws is taken for processing.

Virtual Plan  

In about a week's time you receive a treatment plan, made by Invisalign. Once you approve that manufacturing of aligners start.

Delivery of Aligners 

In 3 -4 weeks, when aligners are received. You visit the clinic for attachment bonding and can take home your aligners. Wear aligners as per the plan.

Review visits

Invisalign patients are encouraged to visit for review once every 8 weeks. This helps in determining if the progress is as per plan.

Completion & Retainer Phase 

Once you have worn all the aligners and alignment is achieved, the retainer phase starts. Retainers will preserve the results and prevent the relapse.  

What if the treatment doesn't proceed as per plan?

You are covered by 'Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics' assurance of treatment as per patient approved plan. Your chosen Invisalign plan offers, refinements, corrections and treatment validity. 
Please discuss the same with doctor.

I have only one jaw that needs correction?

You have option of choosing treatment plan only for one jaw. Invisalign offers that option in all its plans except 'comprehensive plan'. 

For my correction will tooth/teeth need to extracted?

Extracting teeth is required to make space. This space is needed to push/pull teeth in position. We believe in trying out 'Non Extraction' or conservative way.
Conservative way is, no extraction, use of interproximal reduction technique, buttons, appliances, and TADS.
Most cases can start without extraction. If achieved is alignment is not satisfactory, extraction can still done at a later stage.

What is the duration of the treatment?

Duration of  treatment depends on degree of mis-alignment or type of correction needed,
On clinical evaluation and oral scan doctor would be able to give you an estimate of duration.

How many hours I need to wear aligners, what if I miss wearing aligners?

Invisalign recommends, wear aligners for 21 hours for the best results.
If you miss or are not able to wear aligners for required duration, Your treatment will be delayed.

Current aligner must be worn for additional days/hours so that the teeth move, and the next aligner fits properly.

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