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Adin Implants in Gurgaon

Adin Implants are entry level dental implants extremely popular in the value segment. These are manufactured in Israel. Adin Implant Website

Adin was founded in Tel-aviv Israel, in the year 1998. Adin implants have Indian headquarter at Nagpur. They are one the few dental implants in India available since, late 2000s.

They are considered most affordable dental implants in India.

History of Adin Implants

Timeline of Adin Implants History

1998: Adin Dental Implant Systems Ltd. is founded in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Early 2000s: Adin expands its product line and begins distributing its products internationally.

2007: Adin receives ISO 13485 certification.

2010: Adin's products receive CE marking.

2015: Adin expands its global presence by opening new offices in Canada and Colombia.

2020: Adin continues to innovate and develop new products, including the Adinguide™ digital implant planning system.

Today, Adin is a leading provider of dental implant solutions, offering a wide range of high-quality, affordable products to clinicians worldwide.

Adin Implants Market Share & USP


Adin Implants Market Share

Adin Dental Implant market share is estimated to be around 5% of the global dental implant market.

Adin is a leading provider of dental implants in Israel, where it has a market share of over 30%. The company also has a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Adin Implants Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Innovative product design: Adin is constantly innovating and developing new products to meet the needs of its customers. The company's latest innovation is the Adinguide™ digital implant planning system, which helps clinicians to plan and place implants more accurately and efficiently.

High-quality products: Adin's products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The company's products are ISO 13485 certified and CE marked, and they meet or exceed the highest international standards.

Excellent osseointegration: Adin's implants are known for their excellent osseointegration, which means that they bond well with the jawbone. This helps to ensure the long-term success of Adin implants.

Long-term success rates: Adin implants have a long history of success. Clinical studies have shown that Adin implants have a success rate of over 95% after 10 years.

Ease of use: Adin's implant systems are designed to be easy to use, even for clinicians who are new to implant dentistry.

Adin Implants Variants

Adin Dental Implant Systems Ltd. is a global manufacturer and distributor of dental implant systems. The company offers a wide range of implant variants to meet the needs of a wide range of patients. Adin's implant variants can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Adin Touareg S

Adin Touareg is a tapered dental implant with a spiral tap that condenses the bone during placement for immediate stability.

It has two large variable threads and a tapered design for accurate implant placement, self-drilling, improved esthetics, and better load distribution.

The Touareg is a popular choice for dental implants because it is easy to use, has a high success rate, and is esthetically pleasing.

Adin CloseFit

Adin CloseFit is a narrow-platform implant designed for bone-conserving procedures. It features a unique conical-hex connection that minimizes micro-movement between implant and abutment, enhancing stability and long-term success.

The CloseFit offers narrow platform switching benefits, including improved soft tissue esthetics and reduced bone loss.

Adin CloseFit is a well-respected implant system known for its stability, precision, and aesthetic outcomes.

Adin Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are different from other types of implants because they are anchored in the cheekbone.
Ideal for patients who have poor quality bone in their upper jaw, making regular dental implants impossible

Adin Zygoma is a zygomatic implant designed for immediate loading and full-mouth rehabilitation in patients with severe bone loss. 

Its vast range of sizes makes it the perfect implant for any patient.

Adin Implant Price in India

Cost of Adin implants can vary widely depending on the factors such as

1. Type of Implant (to be selected by the Implantologist as per implant site)

2. Type of abutment (straight or multiunit)

3. Over all procedure cost also varies, if additional procedures like bone grafting, ridge augmentation, sinus lift, type of prosthesis (crown or bridge) etc.

In general cost of Adin Implant + cap in India can be between Rs 22,000 - Rs 25000. Please be aware of cheap replica products being sold at Rs 10000 - 12000/-

 Check out the  Adin Implants Price in Gurgaon at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics 

Why Should You Chose Adin Implants

Top reasons one should consider Adin Implants in Gurgaon

1. Best Value  Adin dental implants are the least expensive dental implants

2. Long Term Succes  - Available in India in late 2000 they are tried and tested

3. Variety - Various types of Implants available eeven when bone loss is there.

For any patient who is generally healthy and implant site has enough bone and no infection can consider adin implants.

People Also Ask For

Are Adin implants good?

Adin implants are well-regarded in the dental industry as value segment entry-level, economy range implants. They are best fit for young individuals and patients whose general health and bone condition are good.

What is the cost of Adin implant?

The cost of Adin implants can vary based on factors like location, specific implant type, and additional procedures. Adin implants cost in India range between Rs 18000 - Rs 20000, and there will be an additional cost for the cap.

Which country invented the Adin implant?

Adin implants originate from Israel, where they were developed and manufactured. The Israeli innovation has contributed to the global advancements in dental implant technology..

What are the different types of Adin implants?

Adin offers a range of implant types to suit diverse patient needs. Varieties may include standard implants, mini implants, and specialized options. Touareg s, CloseFit, Zygomatic, and Unity are types of Adin Implants..

What are Adin implants made of?

Adin implants are typically made of high-quality titanium. Titanium's biocompatibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion make it a preferred material for dental implants, ensuring successful integration with the jawbone.

It's important to consult with your implantologist to determine the best solution for your individual needs and goals.

They will take into account your specific dental history, oral health, and cosmetic concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.
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