Gap in Teeth Treatment

Gap in Teeth Treatment

Gap in Teeth Treatment in Gurgaon (Midline Diastema)

Gap in Teeth Treatment in Gurgaon : This condition of Gap in Teeth is also called Diastema. The word diastema means interval in Greek, is a gap or space between two or more consecutive teeth.

Gap in upper or lower front teeth is a concern for everyone who suffers from this, since it is in the visible zone.

The diastema gap in teeth seen in children is part of NORMAL development of teeth (shedding of milk teeth and getting permanent teeth), this usually disappears naturally because the permanent teeth are bigger in size.

Possible cuases of Gap in Teeth

  1. Imperfect fusion of two upper jaw bones in middle
  2. Small muscle under the upper lip is enlarged or mis-aligned
  3. Genetically missing permanent incisor teeth
  4. Extra teeth in the middle
  5. Unusually small teeth
  6. Rotated teeth, or misaligned teeth
  7. Oral habits, such as thumb/finger sucking
  8. As a result if “rapid orthodontic treatment” or wrong teeth movement during the treatment
  9. Deep bite
  10. Forwardly placed upper teeth or tooth size or shape difference
  11. General spacing in all the teeth
  12. Due to Gum disease Periodontitis or Pyorrhea

Gap in Teeth (Midline Diastema) Treatment Options

Gap in Teeth Treatment in Gurgaon : The treatment plan depends on the cause of the diastema. Therefore, priority should be to find out the cause before deciding to go for any treatment.
 The treatment options available can be:


  1. Orthodontic Approach: This means closing the gap between teeth by actually moving the teeth using braces or aligners. This approach takes time but is permanent. This should be used when gap is more.   Cost starts from Rs 35000/- for braces or clear aligners
  2. Esthetic/Cosmetic Approach:   In this teeth not actually moved, gap is closed  by covering th gap. This  can be done using tooth colored composite fillings or tooth crowns or  veneers. It starts with analysis of the diagnostic models, mockup of the corrected teeth and then finally covering the gap.  This approach is quick within  7 days one can get results but it is applicable only when gap between teeth is  4mm or lesser.  Cost Starts from Rs 4500/-

Which approach should be chosen depends on your situation and joint assessment by an Orthodontist (braces specialist) and Prosthodontist (veneers & cap specialist)
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Cost of Gap in Teeth Treatment in Gurgaon / Cost of Diastema Closure

As you have read above that there are multiple ways how the diastema can be closed. Depending on the size of gap or shape of the gap, teeth position, a cosmetic or an orthodontic solution may be suggested.

Price for Gap in Teeth Treatment can start from as low as Rs 4500/- per tooth for composite veeners and can go upto Rs 35000/- if Orthodontic intervention is required in extreme cases. Book your appointment today for a free consultation of Gap in Teeth Treatment.

Consultation for  Midline Diastema or Gap in teeth treatment in Gurgaon visit Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics Gurgaon, today or call +91 9871631066 or Book Online


Cost of Veneers For Gap in Teeth Treatment

Cost of Braces for Gap in Teeth Treatment

Cost of Aligners for Gap in Teeth Treatment

People Also Ask For

1. What is the reason for a gap in teeth?
Gaps in teeth, known as diastema, can occur due to genetics, missing teeth, or habits like thumb-sucking.
2. How do I get rid of my gap teeth?
Closing tooth gaps can be done with braces, aligners, bonding, veneers, or dental implants, based on the severity.
3. Is gap teeth a problem?
Gap teeth are usually cosmetic, but larger gaps can impact self-esteem, speech, or eating for some individuals.
4. How much tooth gap is normal?
“Normal” tooth gap varies, with small gaps being common. Larger gaps may concern some people. Usually 0.5 mm gaps are ok anything more than that affects
5. How can I close my teeth gaps naturally?
Orthodontic treatment is the primary way, involving braces or clear aligners. Covering the gap with veneers, composite bonding or even cap can also be used.
6. Is gap teeth healthy?
Gap teeth aren’t unhealthy but may trap food, potentially leading to gum disease or decay if not cleaned properly.
7. Can teeth gap be fixed permanently?
Yes, gaps can be permanently closed through methods like orthodontics, dental bonding, veneers, or implants.
8. How can I close my gaps without braces?
Consider clear aligners, dental bonding, or veneers as alternatives to braces. Consult your dentist.
9. What is the cheapest way to close a gap in your teeth?
Dental bonding is generally more cost-effective than veneers, braces or implants. Cost varies, so consult your dentist.
10. Can you reduce the gap between teeth?
Yes, the gap between teeth can often be reduced through dental procedures, depending on the case.
11. Do gaps in teeth affect speech?
Larger gaps can affect speech by hindering certain sounds. Dental treatment may improve speech clarity.

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