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Nobel Biocare Implants

Owned by Envista Holdings, Nobel Biocare Implants is a renowned dental implant brand that has made significant contributions to the field of implantology. They were first ones to invent dental implants in year 1967.

Nobel Biocare has emerged as a global leader in implant solutions, revolutionizing the way dental professionals approach tooth replacement. 

Starting from the inventing the first implant to replacing all teeth on one arch with innovative All on 4 implant solution, Nobel biocare implants have come a long way.

History of Nobel Biocare Implants

  • In 1952, while studying blood flow anatomy, Per-Ingvar BrĂĄnemark attached a titanium-housed optical component to a rabbit’s leg. To his surprise, the bone and titanium became virtually inseparable upon removal.
  • The first dental implant placed in a human mouth was in 1969, which remarkably lasted until the patient's passing in 2019.
  • In 1998, in collaboration with Dr. Paulo MalĂł, Nobel Biocare introduced a revolutionary concept: tilted and immediately loaded implants. This concept gave rise to the legendary All-on-4® treatment, a groundbreaking approach in dental implantology.

Nobel Biocare Implants Market Share & USP

  • Nobel Biocare Implants: A leader in the industry, commanding nearly 22% global market share.
  • Popular in Europe, North America, and India alongside Zimmer and Straumann.
  • USP: Proven success, precision, quality, innovation, and comprehensive range.

Nobel Biocare Implants Variants

Nobel Biocare Replace Implant

Nobel Biocare Replace

Available Since : 1997

Nobel Biocare Replace was the first tapered dental implant, mimicking the shape of a natural tooth root. Replace Select and NobelReplace Tapered went on to become the world’s most frequently used implant system. .

Design :Tapered End - Non Active

Nobel Biocare Replace implants come in two variations:

  • NobelReplace Tapered: This is the original tapered implant design. It mimics the shape of a natural tooth root and has several unique features:
    • Good Primary Stability: The tapered design and threads throughout the implant contribute to initial stability
    • Efficient Workflow: A standardized drilling protocol and color-coded components simplify the surgical procedure.
    • Connection Options: Choose between two prosthetic connection types (tri-channel or machined collar) to suit different clinical preferences.
  • NobelReplace Conical Connection (NobelReplace CC): This implant merges the original tapered implant body with a tight-sealed conical connection. It offers:
    • Versatility: Suitable for various clinical situations and offers more flexibility when space limitations exist due to anatomical structures.
    • Esthetic Solution: The conical connection helps achieve a more natural-looking emergence profile for the restoration, especially important in the esthetic zone.

Surface Treatment and Benefits

The Nobel Biocare Replace Implant utilizes a proprietary surface treatment known for its benefits, including:

  • OsseoSpeed Surface: This surface treatment enhances osseointegration by promoting rapid bone healing and implant stability, leading to predictable and long-lasting results.
  • Reduced Healing Time: The OsseoSpeed Surface accelerates the initial healing phase, allowing for faster integration with the surrounding bone and enabling quicker restoration placement.

Most Suited For:

Nobel Biocare Replace implants, with their tapered design and variations, cater to a broad range of implant scenarios:

  • Single or Multiple Tooth Replacements: Replace can be used for both single-tooth and multiple-tooth implant restorations.

Nobel Biocare Replace Cost

Nobel Biocare Replace implant cost can range between Rs 30000 - Rs 35000
Nobel Active

Nobel Biocare Active

Available Since : 2008

Nobel Biocare Active Implants were introduced in 1991, marking a significant milestone in dental implant technology.

Design : Active Design - Tapered End

Nobel Biocare Active implants have a unique design that offers several advantages:
  • Active Thread Design:Nobel Active has sharper threads compared to traditional implants, condensing bone during insertion for exceptional primary stability, even in softer bone.
  • Immediate Function Potential: High initial stability allows for immediate function, enabling the possibility of attaching a temporary crown on the same day of implant placement.
  • Flexibility in Placement: Design allows for some redirection during insertion, providing implantologists with flexibility to achieve optimal positioning for functionality and esthetics.
  • Focus on Esthetics: Features like a back-tapered coronal design and built-in platform shifting maximize the volume of alveolar bone and soft tissue in the front of the mouth, crucial for natural-looking crown, especially in the front teeth.

Surface Treatment and Benefits

Nobel Active implants utilize the TiUnite surface treatment, which offers several benefits:
  • Increased Surface Area: The roughened surface provides more area for bone cells to attach and grow, promoting osseointegration.
  • Enhanced Blood Clot Formation: The surface texture allows for better blood clot adherence during the initial healing phase, which is crucial for successful implant osseointegration.

Most Suited For:

Nobel Biocare Active implant is particularly well-suited for the following scenarios:
  • Soft Bone Situations: The implant's ability to achieve high primary stability even in softer bone makes it a good choice for patients with less dense jawbone.
  • Extraction Sockets: When a tooth needs to be extracted, Nobel Biocare Active can be placed immediately into the socket, preserving bone and  accelerating the treatment timeline.
  • Immediate Function Cases: Due to the high initial stability, these implants might be suitable for procedures where a temporary crown can be attached on the same day of implant placement.
  • Esthetic Zone Implant Placement: The design features that focus on preserving bone volume in the front of the mouth make Active implants a good option for replacing front teeth where achieving natural-looking results is critical.

Nobel Biocare Active Implant Cost

Nobel Biocare Active implant cost can range between Rs 40000 - Rs 45000
Nobel Biocare Tiultra

Nobel Biocare Parallel

Available Since : 2010

Introduced in 2007, the Nobel Biocare Parallel Implant brought groundbreaking advancements to dental implant technology.

Design : Parallel Design - Non Active

The Nobel Biocare Parallel implant boasts several unique design features:

  • Universal Design: It can be used for single or multiple tooth replacements and even full-arch restorations in both the front (anterior) and back (posterior) areas of the mouth.
  • Primary Stability: Not as high as Nobel Biocare active.  
  • Strong Connection: The implant utilizes a conical seal internally and a hexagonal interlocking design. This combination creates a secure connection between the implant and the restoration (crown, bridge, etc.).

Surface Treatment and Benefits

Similar to Nobel Actie, Nobel Biocare Parallel implant features a unique surface treatment called TiUnite. This sandblasted and acid-etched surface creates a micro-rough texture that:

  • Increases Surface Area:The roughened surface provides more area for bone cells to attach and grow, promoting osseointegration.
  • Enhances Blood Clot Formation: The surface texture allows for better blood clot adherence during the initial healing phase, which is crucial for successful implant osseointegration.

Most Suited For:

The Nobel Biocare Parallel implant's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of implant cases, including:

  • Single tooth replacement: Replacing a single missing tooth.
  • Multiple tooth replacement: Replacing several missing teeth with a bridge supported by implants.
  • Full-arch restoration: Replacing all teeth in an arch (upper or lower jaw) with implant-supported dentures or bridges.
  • Immediate loading: Only in situations where good jawbone quality and stability are present 

Nobel Biocare Parallel Implant Cost

Nobel Biocare Parallel implant cost can ranges between Rs 36000 - Rs 42000

Nobel TiUltra: Implant Surface

What is Nobel TiUltra?

Introduced in 2019 Nobel TiUltra is an innovative surface treatment of implants. It's a multi-zoned, anodized surface with a gradual shift. Since every zone of implant touches a different type body tissue- from gums to soft bone to hard bone

What Makes It Unique?

Ultra-Hydrophilic: TiUltra is a water-attracting surface, promotes fast blood clot formation crucial for osseointegration (fusion between implant and bone).

Multi-Zone Design: The surface transitions from slight rough collar (bone stability) to a moderately rough and porous apex (better bone-implant integration).

Benefits for Patients

Faster Healing: The optimized surface promotes faster osseointegration, and shorter healing times.

Enhanced Implant Stability: The multi-zone design means better implant stability, reducing risk of implant failure.

Stronger Bone Integration: The surface encourages stronger bone growth around the implant.

Why Choose TiUltra-Based Implants?

Shorter Procedure Time Faster healing times means quicker placement of permanent teeth.

Improved Long-Term Success Rates: Enhanced implant stability and stronger bone integration may contribute to a lower risk of implant complications and a longer implant lifespan.

Confidence in Nobel Biocare Technology: Nobel Biocare is a leading dental implant manufacturer, and TiUltra represents their advanced surface treatment technology.

Implants Available with TiUltra Surface:

  • NobelActive®
  • NobelParallel™ Conical Connection
  • NobelReplace® Conical Connection

Important Note: While TiUltra offers potential benefits, consulting a qualified dentist or oral surgeon is crucial to determine if it's the right choice for your specific situation. They can assess your individual needs and recommend the most suitable implant type and surface treatment for optimal results.

Nobel Biocare Implants Cost

Cost of Nobel Biocare implants can vary widely depending on the factors such as

1. Type of Implant (to be selected by the Implantologist as per implant site)

2. Type of abutment (straight or multiunit)

3. Over all procedure cost also varies, if additional procedures like bone grafting, ridge augmentation, sinus lift, type of prosthesis (crown or bridge) etc.

In general cost Nobel biocare implant + crown in India can be between Rs 35,000 - Rs 45000.

Cost of Nobel Biocare Implants in Gurgaon at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics,

Nobel Biocare vs Straumann Vs Osstem

People Also Ask For

Which dental implants are best?

All dental implants are made up of titanium, no one implant is better than the other, there may be ceratin implant better suited for patient's condition. You should consult your implant specialist for what suits best for your condition

In which country Nobel Biocare implants are manufactured?

Dental Implant inventor Brainmark was from Sweden who later created Nobel Biocare. The company is now owned by Envista, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Production takes place at four sites located in the United States, Sweden and Japan. Products and services are available in over 80 countries through subsidiaries and distributors.

Is Nobel Biocare Implant US FDA approved?

Yes, Nobel Biocare implants have US FDA approval and they are completely safe. 

What is success rate of Nobel Biocare implants?

The success rate was 95.4% at a threshold of less than 1 mm of bone loss for combined systems (Straumann; Nobel Biocare). Short implant survival and success rates were statistically comparable to conventional-length implants.
Source :

What is the cost of NobelActive implant?

Cost of Nobel Biocare Implants
Nobel Biocare Replace Rs 30000 - Rs 40000

It's important to consult with your implantologist to determine the best solution for your individual needs and goals.

They will take into account your specific dental history, oral health, and cosmetic concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.
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