Guided Implant Surgery or Digital Implants

Guided Implant Surgery or Digital Implants


Guided Implant Surgery Ensures 99.9% Accuracy in Implant Placement

What is Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery is an implant surgery where a guide or template is used for placement of implant. In all aspect its like a regular implant surgery, but implant position, angulation and depth is determined & controlled by a frame like device.

Guided surgery means lesser discomfort & faster recovery time. Shortened surgery & better primary implant stability and longer lasting implants.

Is it digital implant?

Yes some dentist refer to these as digital implants.
"Digital implants, also known as computer-guided implants, represent the latest advancement in implant dentistry.

The term "digital" refers to the use of technology in the creation of the surgical guide, which is used to control the angulation and depth of the implant.

To create the guide, two types of information are required: a CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), which is mandatory for all implant surgeries, and an oral scan.

Despite the use of technology, the actual placement of the implant remains a manual process performed by the dentist.

Post implant placement, for crowns measurement is taken digitally using oral scanner.

The use of computer-guided surgery helps to increase the accuracy and predictability of the implant placement, leading to better outcomes for patients."

Implant Surgical Guide

Guided Implant Surgery in Gurgaon


A computer generated surgical guide provides a link between the treatment plan and the actual surgery by transferring the simulated plan accurately to surgical site.

How Is it made?

Before the surgery patients mouth is scanned for position of gums & teeth. Also a 3D X-ray called CBCT is used to determine position of bones and nerves.
Using the above two information guide is designed on a software. For precision it is 3D printed either in acrylic or resin.

How Guided Implant Surgery is Performed?


CBCT 3D Xray in Gurugram
Implant Planning Gurugram

Planning for 3D printing of guide using 3D Xray (CBCT) & Oral Scan


Guided Implant Surgery Cost

No gums are lifted, surgical guide is directly placed over the gums.
A very small gum tissue, of size of the implant is punched & removed thru the guide. Implant is placed thru the guide.

Post Surgery

Post Implant Surgery

No sutures or stiches are required. Cover screw is placed over the implant.

Very fast recovery, within days patient can resume regular routine.

Prosthetic Phase

Scan for Implant Crown

After the implant is integrated with the bone. During the second visit for crown or cap, no cut is required.

No wait, directly impression is taken, and cap is fabricated.

Dr Jyoti Explains & Performs Guided Implant Surgery

Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

Teeth Implantation


Implant is placed with 99% accuracy at a predetermined location.

Accurate placement ensures implant is placed at right depth & angle, No oblique load on implants means stability & longevity.

Flap Less Surgery


Surgery chair side time is reduced significantly, because no gums need to lifted and no stiches placed.

Very comfortable for patient because, keeping mouth open for long often becomes painful.

Implant Surgery


Recovery after surgery is swift & comfortable. Healing time is reduced as gum is minimally cut with no need for stitches.
Patient can resume work in a day
Stitches delay the healing and can accumulate food debris.

Computer Guided Surgery cost

Predictable Result

Since surgery & implant placement is accurate, the final prosthesis or crown (cap) position is also optimal & predetermined.

It restores the chewing & speaking without complications.

Best Dental implant clinic


Computer guided surgery reduces the risks & error which can happen in case of free hand implant placement

Guide is prepared so as not damage any vital structure i.e. nerve or sinus lining. Patient with low jaw bone can consider implants.

Computer-guided surgery may also be beneficial for those who have existing dental implants. Computer-guided technology makes it possible to see the precise location of existing implants, ensuring that additional implants are placed in the ideal locations.

Additional Implants

If one already has implants, placing another implant next to it is quite challenging so as to avoid damage to an implant tooth.

Guided surgery can help in such cases with maintaining required distance between two implants.

Can all implants be placed with a guide?

No, we may not use guide in all the cases for placing implants. It is important that the site where implant is to be placed is stable and not changing its shape size to give best results.

Cases where a tooth or tooth portion is removed and implant is placed in same sitting (called immediate implant), using a guide is very challenging, post extraction bone can change shape and guide may not fit the changed condition or becomes in-accurate.

Where Can I get Guided Implant Surgery

In Gurgaon, Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, guided implant surgery is performed by Dr Jyoti Singh (MDS).
Guided Implant Surgery offers numerous benefits outweighing the minor increase in cost.

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