Teeth Cap Cost in Gurgaon

Teeth Cap Cost in Gurgaon :Most of our patients want the best teeth cap in Gurgaon with in their possible budget. hence we have caps of all types and cost.

There are primarily two aspects which determine the cost of teeth cap :

  1. Material Used : Metal, Ceramic and Zirconia are regularly used material. Uncommon material are Titanium and Gold.
  2. Lab where it is made, good accredited labs use standard product and have skilled technicians.

Teeth Cap Cost in Gurgaon

Dental Crown Cost

Metal Crowns

Inexpensive metal crown, with choice of metal between cobalt chrome or Ni- titanium. Long lasting & durable. Available both handmade and CAD CAM which offers a great fit. 


  • Co-Cr structure

  • Nickle Free

  • Most economical

Rs 3900/- 


  • Laser Sintered

  • Perfect fit, no gaps


Rs 4500/- IA Lab (7yrs Warranty)

Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain Fused Ceramic (PFM) crowns have a metal substructure which is covered by tooth colored porcelain. They can match the tooth color unlike metal crowns. Challenges they pose are:  02 layers in them need more space hence more grinding of teeth. Post fixing need  more care


  • Co-Cr substructure

  • Layered with porcelain

  • Perfect tooth colored

Rs 6000/- Local Lab


  • Laser Sintered 

  • CAD CAM designed

  • Perfect fit & shade

Rs 6500/- Local Lab

Rs 7500-   IA Lab (10 yrs Warranty)

Ex Servicemen/ ECHS Dental Rate
Rs 6000/-
(10 yrs warranty) IA LAB

Ultra Premium

(If allergic to conventional metal/metal ceramic cap)

  • Titanium Metal

  • CAD CAM designed

  • Light weight

Rs 8500/- IA Lab (10 yrs Warranty) IA LAB

Zirconia Crowns (Metal Free)

Zirconia or metal free crowns are made up of white colored metal called zirconium oxide. All zirconia are made using CAD CAM design. To give natural tooth like appearance, they are layered with porcelain/ceramic. They can be made highly translucent,  just like natural teeth.

Basic / Bruxzir

  • Non layered High Strength Zirconia

  • Perfect for back teeth

  • Metal free

Rs 10000/-  Local Lab

Rs 10500/-  IA Lab (5 yrs Warranty)

Rs 11000/-  IA Lab (10 yrs Warranty)

Ex Servicemen/ ECHS  Dental Rate

Rs 7850/- 5 yrs  


  • Zirconia layered with ceramic

  • High esthetics

  • Bio-compatible allergy free

Rs 13000/-  3M Lava (10 yrs Warranty)

Rs 13500/-  IA Lab (15 yrs Warranty)

Ex Servicemen/ ECHS Dental Rate

Rs 8950/-   10 yrs

Rs 9950/--  15 yrs  

IA LAB both


  • Translucent Zirconia Crown

  • Near natural appearance

  • Stain free & durable

Rs 16800/-  IA Lab (15 yrs Warranty)

Rs 16000/-  3M High Trans (15 yrs Warranty)

Ultra Premium

  • Ultra Transluscent Zirconia Crown

  • Natural appearance

  • Layers replicate, exact natural anatomy & texture of tooth

  • Gold standard in Zirconia crown

Rs 17800/-  IA Lab (15 yrs Warranty)

Rs 18800/-  IA Lab (20 yrs Warranty)

Rs 19800/-  IA Lab (25 yrs Warranty)

Rs 24800/- IA Lab (Life Time Warranty)

IPS Emax

  • Branded Veneers & Crowns

  • Natural appearance

  • Custom made crowns & veneers for smile designing

Rs 12000/-  Local Lab

Rs 12000/-  IA Lab

Precious Metal Crowns

Made up of highly inert and safe Gold alloy. It doesn't harm the opposing natural teeth. A typical pre-molar requires 7-8 grams of gold. Can be layered or used as full metal

Gold Crown

  • Made up of gold inert alloy

  • Esthetics & style

  • Custom made crowns 

Rs 15000/-
+ Prevailing Gold rate on  the day
 IA Lab

International Accredited Lab : IAL – Dentcare Dental Lab & Illusion Dental Lab

Domestic Lab  : DL – Local Gurugram/Delhi Lab 

Teeth Cap Cost in Gurgaon – Comparison

Zirconia Crown

  • Strong and durable ceramic material
  • Resembles natural teeth
  • Popular for esthetic appeal
  • Biocompatible – no allergic reactions
  • Highly durable and wear-resistant
  • Translucent nature for a natural appearance
  • Blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth

Ceramic Cap (PFM crowns)

  • Also known as PFM crowns (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal)
  • Metal structure with tooth-colored porcelain
  • Metal substructure provides durability
  • Porcelain layer offers tooth colored appearance
  • Underlying metal cause slightly blackish appearance
  • Lower long-term durability compared to Zirconia
  • Porcelain layer chips off over time
  • Two-layer structure makes them bulky

Metal Caps

  • Dental crowns made entirely of metal alloys
  • Known for durability and strength
  • Suitable for withstanding biting forces in back teeth
  • Common metals used include gold, chromium, and nickel
  • Excellent functionality
  • May not be chosen for front teeth due to metallic appearance

Comparison Between Zirconia Cap vs Ceramic Cap

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Crown Bridge Cost

A bridge or a cap bridge is used when there is one or more teeth missing, multiple caps are stuck together and caps on both end are used for anchoring the bridge to the jaw.

To calculate cost of 3 unit crown bridge – multiply cost of single cap with 3

Dental Implant Cap

Caps on a dental implant : same caps are used but fitment technique determines the cost.

Cement Fixed Implant Cap : cap is simply fixed over implant with cement – no additional cost.

Screw Retained Implant Cap : regular cap is made with an implant abutment embedded into the cap for better grip and future retrieval – additonal cost Rs 2500/- over regular cap cost

Who Will Make Your Teeth Cap & How is it Made

Your teeth cap will be expertly crafted by a Prosthodontist, a specialized doctor with a Master’s degree in Crown & Bridge – MDS (Prostho). This ensures that the right amount of your tooth structure is shaped down, resulting in accurate fitting of the crown. With the expertise of a prosthodontist, the crown will be the correct size, preventing damage to adjacent teeth while allowing for self-cleansing of the surrounding area.

At our clinic, we utilize advanced technology for crown fabrication. Our zirconia crowns are precisely measured using a 3D oral scanner, ensuring a perfect fit. We employ CAD CAM techniques for manufacturing, guaranteeing exceptional precision and accuracy in creating your crown.

By choosing a Prosthodontist for your dental crown procedure, you can have confidence in receiving a crown that not only fits flawlessly but also promotes optimal oral health and functionality.

Prosthodontist A dentist with Masters degree in Crown (caps) and other prosthetics like dentures, bridges, veneers, sleep aplpliances etc. Read about other Dental Specialties

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