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Dental Implant Brands in India

Comparison of Dental Implant Brands in India

Dental implants brands in India comparison by Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics R& D team. If you are wondering what are the best implants for your teeth? If you want to compare dental implant brands in India, but not sure what parameters you should consider to compare them. Here is a list.

Nobel Biocare vs Straumann Implants or confused between Korean Implants & Israeli implants. Dentium vs Osstem, Nobel Biocare vs Osstem

Parameters for Best Implant Brands in India

We have chosen top 10 dental implant companies in India to compare them on various parameters. These dental implant manufacturers in India have been present at least for 10 years.

  • Variant Names: Different implant variants of brands have distinct features. Ask your dentist about options
  • Design (Active/Passive): The design impacts how the implant interacts with your mouth.
  • Type of Surface: The surface influences how well the implant integrates with your jawbone. Types include:
    • TiUnite: Enhanced osseointegration.
    • SLActive: Faster healing and stability.
    • RBM (Resorbable Blast Media): Optimal bone growth.
  • Sizes Available: A range of sizes ensures a perfect fit for your mouth.
  • Mini Sizes Available or Not: Mini sizes are important for certain cases.
  • Suitability for Full Arch: Some implants are ideal for full mouth implants or Full Jaw/Arch.
  • Popularity: Popular brands are often trusted by many patients.
  • Availability in India Since: Longer presence in India can signify reliability & experience in India.
  • Market Share in the World: A higher share might reflect trust globally.
  • Muco Integration : Not only bone but implant also Integrating at gum level provides additional stability.
  • Material Composition: Material affects durability and compatibility.
  • Implant Connection Type: Connection types influence stability.
  • Long-term Success Rate: A higher success rate is favorable.
  • Research and Development: Brands investing in R&D often offer advancements.
  • Availability of Digital Components: Digital components might enhance precision.
  • Availability in Other Geographies: It is important because if plan to move outside India, components and tools should be available.
  • Average Price Range in India: Ensure it fits your budget.
  • Country of Origin: Know where the implant comes from.
  • Warranty: Understand the warranty terms for peace of mind.

Comparison of Dental Implant Brands in India

Comparison of European Implant Brands in India

Neodent Implants was owned and manufactured by a Brazil based company, now taken over by Straumann, we have not included in the above research.

Comparison of Korean Implants Brands in India

We have inlcuded one most popular Isreal made implants Adin, other Isreal based implants like Impact, Nova, AB dent are not included.

ParametersOsstem ImplantsDentium ImplantsDio Dental ImplantsAdin – Isreal

Superline II
NR Line
UF Implant
UV Active
Toureg Closefit
Toureg S
Design (Active/Passive)TSIII CA, TSIII HA SSIII NHDentium SuperLine ActiveDIO UV Active implantAdin Closefit
Type of SurfaceTSIII SA – SA
SuperLine Plus – SLA, SLActive, ZLA
SuperLine – SLA
Implantium – SLA SuperLine Mini – SLA
Implantium Mini – SLA SuperLine Ceramic – ZLA
UFII Implants – DIO Active
UFIII Implants – DIO Active
UV Implants -UV Active
Touareg™ S/OS – OsseoFix
CloseFit™ – SLA
Swell™ – SLA
Sizes Available (mm)
D- Diameter
L- Length
D– 2.5 – 6.0
L- 8 – 18
D– 2.0 – 6.0
L- 6 – 18
D– 2.9 – 6.0
L- 6 – 18
D– 2.5 – 6.0
L- 6 – 18
Suitability for Full Arch
(All on 4) or (All on 6)
Popularity in IndiaPopularRisingPopularV Popular
Availability in India Since2006201320142001
Estimated Global
Market Share
Country of OriginSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth KoreaIsrael
WarrantyLife time Life timeLife timeLife time
Muco Integration
Material CompositionGrade C4 TitatniumGrade IV TitaniumGrade V TitaniumTitanium Alloy
90% titanium (Ti),
6% aluminum (Al),
4% vanadium (V)
Implant Connection TypeMorse TaperConical HexTapered InternalConical and Internal Hex
Long-term Success Rate
(Survival After 10 Years)
between 94.8% and 95.37%Only 5 Years data is used
around 97%
Company Focus
& Outlook
Dental Euipment &
Ecosystem Development
Dental Euipment &
Ecosystem Development
Digital Focused (DioNavi)Value Segment & Affordability
Availability of Digital ComponentsLimitedLimitedLeaderVery Limited
Availability outside IndiaLimited in EU &
US marketed as Hiossen
Wide Availability in Asia,
Limited in EU & US
Widely AvailableWidely Available
Average Price Range
in India
Rs 25000 – Rs 30000
Check Osstem Implant Cost in India
Rs 25000 – Rs 30000Rs 25000 – Rs 35000Rs 15000 – Rs 22000
Adin Implant Cost in Gurgaon

Discover More About Dental Implants

Best Company for Implant Teeth
Determining the best company for implant teeth can be subjective, as it depends on various factors such as the patient’s specific needs, the dentist’s expertise, and the implant system’s reputation. Renowned companies like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Zimmer Biomet are often considered leaders in the dental implant industry. It’s crucial to consult with your implantologist to choose the most suitable option based on your case.
Highest Quality Dental Implant
The highest quality dental implant is often associated with reputable companies that adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Implants made from medical-grade titanium or titanium alloys are commonly considered of high quality due to their biocompatibility and durability. However, the specific implant’s quality also depends on factors like design, surface treatment, and the overall manufacturing process. Read above.
Safest Type of Dental Implant
Safety in dental implants is primarily determined by the material used and the patient’s overall health. Titanium implants have a long track record of safety and success. The key is to ensure proper diagnosis, treatment planning, and adherence to sterilization protocols during the implantation process. Your implantologist will assess your health and guide you on the safest choice based on your individual circumstances. It is important to perform the implant surgery with proper tools, trained implant dentist, in a sterile environment.
Titanium or Zirconia Dental Implants
The choice between titanium and zirconia dental implants depends on various factors. Titanium implants have a longer clinical history, proven success rates, and are often more cost-effective. Zirconia implants, on the other hand, appeal to those looking for a metal-free option if someone has metal allergy. The decision should be made in consultation with your dentist, considering factors like bone quality, aesthetic preferences, and the specific requirements of your case.

Always rely on your Implantologist’s advice when choosing dental implants.. Choosing the best dental implants brand has long term impact on your oral health. No dental implant brand in India is better than the other, your condition should govern the brand and type of dental implant, that should be placed.

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