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Dental Implants Improve both, the function and the esthetics of teeth. Implantology is a fine balance between the two.

The Philosophy That We Follow

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Our chief implantologist, Dr. Jyoti Singh (MDS) believes in prosthesis driven implants.This is followed in all our implant cases. The Best Dental Implant Dentist in Gurgaon

/prɒsˈθiːsɪs, prəsˈθiːsɪs/
an artificial body part. In dentistry it refers to dental crown, bridge, or denture. In layman terms all the artificial teeth in any form.

Learn more about Dr Jyoti Singh, Implantologist in Gurgaon, about her education & dental implant experience.

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What Does Prosthesis Driven Implant Mean?

Every patient visiting us is looking to get new teeth (prosthesis). New teeth that will allow the patient to be able to bite & chew food with, ease & full efficiency. Another purpose is esthetics, the teeth and the face should look good and natural.

Our case planning starts with where the teeth would be placed to fulfil both the above purposes. Later implants are planned, which includes, planning for implant size (length & diameter), angulation & depth.

Implant Planning

Traditional Vs Prosthesis Driven Planning

What are the benefits of Prosthesis Driven Implants?

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Implant Longevity

A pre-planned prosthesis, (correct angle, right amount of load) doesn't put oblique pressure on implant. Implant remains stable for long.

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Greater Efficiency

When implant is placed as per prosthesis, means correct relation with the opposing jaw. This offers superior chewing efficiency.

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Easy Maintanence

These prothesis or artificial teeth resemble ideal natural teeth. Which are self cleansing and offer ease of cleaning and maintaining.

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Esthetic Advantage

As prosthesis are designed before the implants, they get priority. Virtual planning helps in testing the look, shape, size, angulation of the teeth.

What are Steps for Prosthesis Driven Implants

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Evaluation & Planning

Thorough evaluation of oral health
Discussion of patient's goals and expectations. Determination of suitability for dental implants. Creation of treatment plan using, CBCT, Intra-oral & extra oral pics

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Preparatory Procedures

If need be preparatory procedure are done like
Bone grafting, temp prostheis like denture.
Gum tissue reshaping
Surgical Guide fabrication

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Surgery Phase

Using digital aids surgical guide to place implants if possible. Else use measured schematic diagrams for implant placement for correct angulation and depth.

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Prosthetic Phase

Use of angulated or universal abument to have freedom of angulation for the crown. Try to place screw retained crown against cement retained.


How implants will improve my life.

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We are a group of premier dental implant centers in Gurugram. Every year we conduct hundreds of dental implant surgeries and bring smiles on faces of patients, who visit us from world over. We are proud to be the most ethical dental practice around. Our belief in honest and transparent interactions with patients has made us leading dental clinic in Delhi Region. We had a humble beginning in the year 2016 and now we serve patients from 5 locations across Delhi NCR.

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