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Zimmer Biomet Implants

Zimmer & Biomet, now known as Zimvie started independently as orthopedic companies, which later entered dental market in 70s. Zimmer was founded in 1927, where as Biomet started operations in 1977, they merged in year 2015.

They have a strong legacy of working with bones in orthopedic industry, Zimmer is  undisputed world leader in Knee & spine replacement solutions. Both these solution use titanium which is used in dental implants also.

Currently Zimmeer Bioment Implants or Zimvie is considered top player in dental implants in Europe & Japan. They have patented dental implant designs which are very unique and final teeth can be given to patients in 6 weeks.

Zimmer Biomet Implants Market Share & USP

Zimmer Bioment Implants is leading company in the dental and spine implant market, with a market share of nearly 19% across the world.

Its one of the most popular dental implant in Europe and Japan 

In Indian market although a late enterant in the dental market, they have  been present in the orthopedic market.

Zimmer Biomet's USP is their extensive experience in working with bones as orthopedic device maker, where Titanium. is used.
They have excellent research in using patented alloy like Tantalum additional implant strenght.

Their implants have special design (TSV & TM) for bones to form within implant for great osseointegration.

Zimmer Biomet Implants Variants

Zimmer TSV Implant 

Zimmer Tapered Screw Vent implant is oldest and most successful Zimmer implant. Bone forms thru the key hole type vent and adds additional stability.

Comes with 02 types of coating MTX for increased Bone to Implant Contact and osteoconductive HA coating.

Zimmer TSV has been implant of choice for most people because of design and survival rate of  over 97%.

Zimmer TM Implant 

Zimmer Trabecular Metal Dental Implant has unique design & material, which gives a Bioboost effect.

Cancellous- poros design and special alloy Tantalum makes faster bone formation within implant.

This is choice of implant for poor bone, diabetic & compromised cases when final teeth are needed faster, Zimmer recommends loading in 04 weeks.

Zimmer TSX Implant

The TSX Implant design makes it more stable when inserted because a larger area touches  bones. it gradually tightens as it goes in because of sharper grooves.

Does not drift during the placement and follows the shape of the drill.

TSX is an active implant with  combination of surface treatment reducing risk of implantitis and promoting bone formation.

Dental Implants in Just 4 Weeks

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Why Should You Consider Zimmer Bioment Implants

There are various reason one should consider Zimmer Biomet Implants in Gurgaon

1. European Quality  Designed in Switzerland manufactured in Europe and US

2. Long Term Success  - zimmer has been leader in Ortho for 1927

3. Unique Design - Zimmer screw vent design provides additional stability

4. Better Than Titanium  Zimmer TM is made up of Tantalum metal unique porus design ensure faster final teeth

If you have been a smoker, have diabetes issue, not good quality and quantity of bone. You should consider Zimmer Biomet Implants

Zimmer Biomet Implants Cost in India

Cost of Zimmer Biomet implants can vary widely depending on the factors such as

1. Type of Implant (to be selected by the Implantologist as per implant site)

2. Type of abutment (straight or multi-unit)

3. Over all procedure cost also varies, if additional procedures like bone grafting, ridge augmentation, sinus lift, type of prosthesis (crown or bridge) etc.

In general cost Zimmer Bioment Implants in India can be between Rs 40,000 - Rs 70000.

People Also Ask For

Which dental implants are best?

All dental implants are made up of titanium, no one implant is better than the other, there may be ceratin implant better suited for patient's condition. You should consult your implant specialist for what suits best for your condition

In which country Zimmer Biomet implants are manufactured?

Zimmer Biomet is based out of Switzerland, although the dental division Zimvie Dental is based out of Colorado, US.

Is Zimmer Biomet Implant US FDA approved?

Yes, Zimmer Biomet Implants have US FDA approval and they are completely safe. 

What is unique about Zimmer Biomet Implants?

Zimmer Biomet Implant uniqueness lies in their design, they are patented unique design. Also, since they have a long legacy of working with human bone (knee, Hip, and Spine), the surface quating on Zimmer implants fosters faster bone formation.

What is the cost of Zimmer Bioment Implants?

Zimmer Implants are best European implants and they cost premium, cost can range between Rs 40000 - Rs 50000.

It's important to consult with your implantologist to determine the best solution for your individual needs and goals.

They will take into account your specific dental history, oral health, and cosmetic concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.
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