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Dental Treatment Cost
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Rs 500/-

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Unlimited no cost consultations for 3 + 9* Months in-clinic or on-call, video & chat

*Please enquire with staff regarding extended validity

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General Procedures & Consultation Cost

Registration Charges : Rs 500/-


Valid for 1 year*


All consultation at Rs 0/-

*Please enquire with staff regarding extended validity

Senior Consultant    : Rs 800/-
Junior Consultant    : Rs 500/-

For registered patients, No fees payable

X-ray & Dental Scaling Cost in Gurgaon

X-ray charges : Rs 300/-


X-ray diagnosis by doctor

Digital copy of x-ray email to registered email id

Dental Scaling Charges       : Rs 2000/-

Dental Polishing Charges   : Rs 500/-

Dental Offers & Special Considerations

1st Jun 24 - 30th Jun 24

Armed Forces - Discount

As a tribute to our defense forces, we offer flat 20 % off on the following

Root Canal Treatment




Procedures mentioned above

Personnel (retired/serving) & spouse with copy of a valid ID

All Branded Braces

10% Off on List Price

Braces Cost in Gurgaon List

Dental Implants Offer

Flat 5% off on All Implant Packages

RCT + TEETH CAP Combo offer

Get Attractive Discount on Booking RCT + TEETH CAP

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Dental Fillings Cost in Gurgaon

GIC Fillings (White Colored)

Small          : Rs 1300/- 

Medium     : Rs 1500/- 

Large          : Rs 1700/-


White colored Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) filling

Composite Fillings (Tooth Colored)

Small           :Rs 1700/-
:Rs 1900/-
Large           :Rs 2100/-


Tooth shade matched composite resin filling

Tooth Extraction Cost in Gurgaon

Wisdom Tooth

Easy           : Rs 3500 - Rs 4500
: Rs 5000 - Rs 6500
: Rs 7000 - Rs 10000


Extraction procedure

Other Tooth

Loose                : Rs 1250
Root Stump      : Rs 1750
: Rs 2500 



Other Dental Procedures Cost Section

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Cost

Teeth Whitening Cost in Gurgaon

Teeth whitening or bleaching of teeth involves enhancing the shade of teeth, useful when the natural color gets dull.

Single Cycle :  Rs 10000/-

Double Cycle : Rs 14000/-


Brands : Zoom or Pola Office

Smile Design Cost in Gurgaon

Smile design corrects teeth imperfections, restores dental health and appearance.

It's a customized treatment to get perfect shape, size, alignment of teeth. 

It may involve one or several dental procedures to achieve the plan.

Digital Smile Design :  Rs 5000

Treatment Cost : Post First Consultation

Veneers Cost in Gurgaon

Veneers are very thin layer (0.3 mm) of material placed of teeth outer surface. Check out the cost on the veneers page

Veneers Cost

Kids/Pediatric Procedures Cost

Kids/Special Need Procedures Cost

We have pediatric  dentists on panel for children with angst and special needs Procedure charges

As per procedure charges on this pages

Special Need Procedure Management

Rs 2000/- per session

Prior appointment mandatory

Anti-Cavity Fluoride Application Cost

Professional application of fluoride teeth to improve health and reduce the risk of cavities especially in kids

Procedure charges

Rs 5000/-

Other Procedures Cost

Gum Curettage Cost

It is a minor surgical procedure  under local anesthesia for

1. Deep cleaning to remove infected gum tissue

2. Root  (smoothen out tooth root surface)

Allows regeneration and restoration of gum and bone around the tooth to a healthier state

Procedure charges

Per Quadrant :  Rs 4000/-

Flap Surgery  Cost

For stopping tooth loss and  progression of gum disease.  Involves cleaning of  tartar around roots, treat tooth and jawbone   Procedure charges

Per Quadrant :  Rs 8000/-



Not Included (may be needed in some cases)

1. Bone grafts and

2. Plasma/ collagen membranes 

Apicoectomy Cost

Needed when pain in a root canal treated teeth doesn't stop. Infection at the root end. Specialized procedure for relieving pain

Procedure charges  

Rs 5000/-



Not Included (may be needed in some cases)

1. Bone grafts and

2. Plasma/ collagen membranes 

Mouth Biopsy Cost

Procedure to obtain tissue from the patient‚Äôs oral cavity for  tumor  malignancy investigation

  • Excisional Biopsy
  • Incisional Biopsy

Procedure charges

Rs 5000/-

Mouth Guards Cost

Night Guard

Custom-made soft plastic tray, covers teeth, t can be worn on either the upper or lower set of teeth. Protects teeth from teeth grinding in sleep and clenching Soft night Guard 

Rs 5000/- (DL) 

Rs 7000/- (IL)

Hard night guard 

Rs 4000/- (DL)

Rs 6000/- (IL)

DL : Local lab IL : International accredited lab

Sports Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves falls, body contact or flying equipment.

Protection from sports injuries to teeth/gum/lips(inside) 

Single Color  : Rs 8000/- Tricolor Rs 9000/- Freestyle : Rs 10000/- IL : International accredited lab

TMD Splint Cost  & Anti Snoring Device Cost

TMJ Splint Cost in Gurgaon

 Hard acrylic splint for treatment of TMJ and severe teeth grinding and clenching cases. 

Eases the tensed muscles, the bite improves with lower jaw positioning itself in a healthy centric position.

Procedure & Device Charges

Face-bow Transfer and Hard Splint: 

Rs 15000/- (IL)

MPD Splint Cost in Gurgaon

Hard acrylic splint to  relax jaw muscles

Procedure & Device Charges

Face-bow Transfer and Hard Splint: 

Rs 15000/- (IL)

Anti Snoring Device

Snoring/ Obstructive sleep apnea is serious sleep disorder.  Temporary phases of no breathing, prevents brain getting not enough oxygen, increases risk of heart disease and stroke.

Anti snoring device brings lower jaw forward helps reduce snoring and relieve obstructive sleep apnea. 

Procedure & Device Charges

Face-bow Transfer and Hard Splint: 

Rs 15000/- (IL)

Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics

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