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Root Canal Pain Relieved in 30 Minutes

  • Most Advanced Rotary RCT Technique
  • Quick Pain Relief in Single Sitting
  • RCT and Cap available in Combo Price
  • Treatment by Endodontist ( RCT Specialist)

RCT Cost in Gurgaon

Single Visit Rotary Root Canal Treatment Cost
Rs 5900/-

MDS (Endo) Painless RCT Specialist Doctor, Ex Head Endo Department, Dental College with over 14 years experience.

Ask for our RCT+CAP Combo Discounted Package!

Why Choose Us

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon Preserving Teeth:

We're all about saving your teeth. We opt for conservative measures like IPC before suggesting RCT, ensuring your cost stays minimal.

Single Visit RCT in Gurgaon Efficient Appointments: ⏰

Say goodbye to long waits and multiple sittings! We schedule prior appointments for a thorough, one-go disinfection process. Minimize pain and forget about those pesky shots in subsequent visits!

Best Endodontist in Gurgaon Expert Techniques

Expert Techniques: Following Dr. Grossman's gold standard, we kick off with small hand files for meticulous nerve cleaning, guaranteeing a whopping 99% success rate even in complex cases.

RCT Cost in Gurgaon File Hygiene

We're all about cleanliness! Fresh files (needles for RCT) for challenging cases, tossed aside after every 4 uses for even flawless cleaning and zero file breakage.

Painless RCT in Gurgaon Quality Materials:

Your smile deserves the finest! We use imported materials like Ivoclar from Germany and 3M for post-endo fillings, all included in the package at no extra cost

Cao after RCT Premium Seal

Root canals are sealed with premium guttapercha and imported cement (3M or GC Japan), ensuring a longer life for your precious tooth. A premium smile deserves a premium seal!

Cao after RCT Prosthodontist Expertise

Tooth cap after RCT is very important. Caps are in the hands of our highly experienced prosthodontist, ensuring a perfect fit with no ga

Root Canal Treatment near me RCT in Gurgaon

Remember, our package isn't just about cost; it's about the methods, materials, and perfect timing to ensure a long and healthy life for your tooth.

Who is an Endodontist?

Root Canal Treatment or RCT specialist dentists are called Endodontist.

An Endodontist is specially trained to treat root canals, they have 03 years masters degree - MDS (Endo). They are able to handle complex cases like curved canals, fused canals and blocked canals, They are experts, hence with lesser effort and discomfort/pain for patient they are able complete the procedure in lesser time.

Curious about dental specialties?

Our recent blog post talks about roles of specialists, including crown or cap specialists and gum specialists or root canal specialist or Endodontist. Explore more at Who is Dental Specialist.
Dentisty has branched into super specialities just like medical sciences, you have a specialist for near all dental ailments.

FAQ about RCT

What is Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is actually another name for root canal treatment. When the canals of tooth get infected they need cleaning to relieve the pain. 
This procedure is called root canal therapy or RCT.

What are the symptoms that indicate need for an RCT

Although an X-ray is a definitive tool to determine if the infection has reached the canals.
There are certain symptoms which indicate, RCT may be needed

  1. Persistent Tooth Pain: Constant or recurring severe pain in a tooth, especially when biting or applying pressure, can be sign of infected pulp or nerve inside the tooth.
  2. Sensitivity to Temperature: Increased sensitivity to both hot or cold temperatures (food & drink)
  3. Swelling or Tender Gums: Gum inflammation, resulting in swelling, tenderness, or the presence of a small, painful bump on the gum near the affected tooth.
  4. Discoloration: A tooth that darkens or changes color may indicate, nerve inside the tooth is damaged or dead.
  5. Prolonged Toothache Relief: If a toothache goes away suddenly, it might mean that the nerve inside the tooth has died, but the infection persists
  6. Abscess Formation: A pimple-like swelling on gum, may release pus or cause a bad taste in the mouth.

Why Tooth Ache Increases in Night?

  1. Blood Flow: When you lie down, the blood flow to the head increases, and this can cause the blood vessels in the affected tooth to dilate. The increased blood flow can intensify the pressure and pain associated with the toothache.

  2. Elevation: While lying down, the head is typically at a lower level than when you are standing or sitting. This position can lead to increased pressure in the head and oral cavity, making the toothache feel more intense.

Can Root Canal Be Completed in Single Visit

Root canal treatement can be done in single visit these days, because of use of Endomotor. This rotary motor can clean the canals faster.
When the infection is removed there is no pain. Canals can be closed in same sitting with permanent filling but if infection has been high then it's better to wait for a few days before doing permanent filling.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Actually RCT is painless, when the procedure is done as it is done under local anesthesia.
There may be discomfort as the infection drains slowly from the body. It can last for upto 02 days.

What is Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Dr Jyoti Singh (MDS) explains what is RCT

Root Canal Treatment : Primary purpose of this tooth treatment is cleaning of root canal infection and relieving of root canal pain. It can be done for adults as well as Kids.

How Can Infection Reach the Canals of Root?
Infection can reach the root canals through dental decay, tooth fracture, untreated trauma, gum disease, failed dental treatment, or tooth abscess..

Is Root Canal a Surgery?
No it is not a surgery and also it is not an invasive procedure.

Root Canal Steps

What are 03 Main Steps of RCT

Root canal treatment has 03 steps

  1. Cleaning the infected canals: During this step, the dentist removes infected pulp and debris from the root canals using specialized instruments to disinfect and shape the canals properly.

  2. Filling the canals post cleaning: After cleaning, the canals are filled with a biocompatible material, usually gutta-percha, to seal them and prevent re-infection.

  3. Plugging with permanent filling: Finally, the access hole created to perform the root canal is filled with a permanent dental restoration, such as a filling or crown, to restore the tooth's function and appearance.

After root canal treatment, it is recommended to place a cap on root canal treated tooth.

Why Cap After RCT is Important?

Why Cap after RCT? What if tooth is cracked or RCT fails? Watch this video

To access the infected canals, tooth is hollowed out in the middle, it becomes brittle and can not take load like a natural tooth.

Also, with no veins to supply nourishment thru the core, tooth is supported from outside only.

Hence its is important to cover the tooth with crown or cap else the tooth may crack or fracture.

Teeth Cap Cost

Check out the cost of metal cap, ceramic cap, and zirconia cap from Teeth Cap Proce in Gurgaon.

RCT and Cap Combo

RCT + Metal Cap (Package)

Rs 9000/-


  1. Rotary Machine (Single Sitting) RCT
  2. Metal Crown 

RCT+ Ceramic Cap (Package)

Rs 12,000/-


  1. Rotary Machine (Single Sitting) RCT
  2. Ceramic Cap Tooth Colored
  3. International Accredited Lab(cap) with 10 yrs warranty valid across India

RCT+ Zirconia Cap (Package)

RCT+Zirconia Cap (10 Years Warranty

Rs 15,200/-

1. Rotary Machine (Single Sitting) RCT

2. All Ceramic, (metal free), Zirconia Crown (cap) 

3. International Accredited Lab - CAP with 10 yrs warranty valid across India

Re- Root Canal Treatment

Rs 7,500/-

1. Cap removal by crown puller

2. Re- Root Canal procedure

Not Included
Crown/cap removal by cutting  cost additional

Post and Core

Fiber Post

Rs 3,800/-

Metal Post

Rs 4,800/-

1. Placement of post

2. Building up tooth structure


Terms & Conditions
  • Root canal treatment available without package also, RCT Cost Rs 5900/-
  • Cap cost available here
  • Package (RCT+Cap) can not be split

When is Re-RCT Needed

Many a times a root canal treated tooth gets infected again. When can this happen

  1. Not maintaining hygiene around the tooth, under the crown bridge
  2. Previous root canal treatment faulty - infection not cleaned properly or till the end of canal, plugging not done properly
  3. Cap over the rc treated tooth faulty - cap bulky, or short will have space for food to lodge
  4. Cap dislodged and not replaced - infection can reach canals through gums

To save the tooth a re-rct procedure is performed.

Re-Root Procedure

It may involve some or all the steps below.

  1. Existing cap removal may need to cut the cap
  2. Remove permanent filling on top
  3. Extract filling material from the canals
  4. Perform RCT clean the canals, fill, permanent filling on top
  5. Build the tooth structure if there is a need tooth is broken, build it or perform post & core in extreme cases.
  6. Place a crown/cap on tooth

Tooth's condition governs if it should/can be saved.

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