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Low Cost Dental Implants : [How Cost Is CUT]

Low Cost Dental Implants : In the pursuit of affordable dental implants procedures, some practitioners may employ questionable techniques that compromise the overall quality and success of the treatment. Understanding these cost-cutting measures is crucial for patients seeking reliable and long-lasting results. Here is list of such procedures and how it impacts the treatment quality and longevity

1. No Use of Bone Graft Material

Cost-Cutting Technique: Some dentists opt to skip the use of vital bone graft material, an essential component for ensuring the stability and integration of dental implants. Although not every implant procedure requires bone graft, but in immediate implants bone graft is a must (when Implant is placed in the same sitting immediately after extraction of tooth or tooth root)

Consequence: By neglecting bone grafting, the implant lacks proper support, increasing the risk of failure and jeopardizing the overall success of the procedure.

2. Inferior Quality Bone Graft

Cost-Cutting Technique: Practitioners may utilize substandard bone graft material to reduce costs, compromising the success of the implant procedure.

Consequence: Inferior bone grafts can impede the osseointegration process, leading to diminished implant stability and an elevated risk of long-term complications.

3. Replica Abutments Instead of Originals

Cost-Cutting Technique: Some dentists choose replica dental implant abutments over original components to cut expenses.

Consequence: Opting for replica abutments may result in poor fit and compatibility issues, impacting both the functionality and esthetics of the implant.

4. Cheaper Implants – Low Cost Dental Implants

Cost-Cutting Technique: Using lower-cost dental implants with no history of long term success as a cost-saving measure.

Consequence: While cost-effective, these implants may lack the quality and precision of established brands, potentially leading to performance issues and a shorter lifespan.

5. Cheaper Basal Implants (Non US FDA approved)

Cost-Cutting Technique: Employing basal implants, often perceived as a more economical alternative.

Consequence: While basal implants can be cost-effective, they may not be suitable for all cases, potentially resulting in compromised stability and functionality.

6. Dental Caps – Using Cement Retained

Cost-Cutting Technique: Opting for cement-retained dental caps instead of costlier and better screw-retained alternatives.

Consequence: Cement-retained caps pose challenges for maintenance and may lead to complications such as retained cement and peri-implantitis.

7. Dental Caps – Low-Cost Lab-Made Inferior Material Cap

Cost-Cutting Technique: Choosing low-cost, lab-made crowns using inferior materials.

Consequence: Inferior crowns can impact aesthetics, durability, and overall functionality, diminishing the quality of the final restoration.

8. Using Non-Standard Equipment

Cost-Cutting Technique: Utilizing non-standard or cheaper equipment for the implant procedure.

Consequence: Non-standard equipment may compromise precision and efficacy, potentially leading to complications during the surgery.

9. Dentist Experience – Untrained or Trained at Non-Standard Institutions, Short-Term Courses

Cost-Cutting Technique: Engaging less experienced dentists or those trained at non-standard institutions with abbreviated, short term courses in implantology. Patient should insist on learning about dentist’s experience and qualifications.

Consequence: Inexperienced practitioners may lack the skills necessary for complex implant procedures, increasing the risk of errors and complications.

10. Not Maintaining Proper Surgical Sterilization

Cost-Cutting Technique: Neglecting proper surgical sterilization procedures to cut operational costs.

Consequence: Inadequate sterilization increases the risk of infections and complications, jeopardizing the overall success of the implant procedure.

11. Using Non Standard Equipment – Implant Motor is a Costly Equipment

Cost-Cutting Technique: Choosing cheaper replicas of standard equipment, such as implant motor used for placing the dental implants

Consequence: Substitute equipment may compromise precision, affecting implant drilling and potentially leading to increased bone loss.

Impact of Cheap Dental Implants on Patients

While these cost-cutting measures to offer low cost dental implants may seem attractive initially, patients should be aware of the potential consequences:

  • Increased Risk of Implant Failure: Cutting corners raises the likelihood of implant failure, necessitating additional procedures and potentially resulting in implant loss.
  • Compromised Stability and Support: Inadequate materials and techniques compromise implant stability, impacting its ability to withstand normal biting forces.
  • Complications During the Healing Process: Poor-quality materials and shortcuts can lead to complications during the crucial healing phase, prolonging recovery time and increasing patient discomfort.
  • Reduced Longevity of Implants: Cost-cutting measures often result in implants with a shorter lifespan, requiring more frequent replacements and increasing the overall cost in the long run.
  • Adverse Effects on Overall Oral Health: The repercussions extend beyond the implants, affecting the patient’s overall oral health and potentially leading to additional dental issues.

It is crucial for patients to prioritize the quality of their dental implant procedure over low cost dental implants. Consulting with experienced and reputable implantologists ensures a safer and more successful outcome. Usually implants procedure if done incorrectly will trouble a patient in 4-5 years.

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