Single Visit RCT – Why should you opt for it?

single visit RCT
single visit RCT

What is Full Form of RCT?


What are different types of RCT?

There are primarily 02 types of RCT, this type is mainly based on tools used for doing RCT

  1. Earlier when there were no machines for tooth canal treatment, hand files were used to clean the infected tooth roots. This was known as hand RCT and would take multiple visits for the treatment.
  2. Now a days, RCT is done with machines, known as Endomotor, they do it faster and same day canals can be cleaned, if there is no infection single visit RCT can also be done.

Why should you opt for Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Single visit RCT vs multiple visit RCT this debate is as old as the advent of the Single Visit RCT or single sitting Root Canal Treatment or Single Visit Endodontics(SVE) or Rotary Root Canal Treatment technique.

There are multiple benefits of the Single Visit Root Canal Treatment but many times it may not be possible in particular cases to do an SVE procedure. Today we will review the advantages and disadvantages of both the procedures and factors which govern why a particular technique is chosen by your dentist.

Advantages and Disadvantages of single visit Root Canal Treatment

Advantages of Rotary RCT

  • Patient comfort – complete the whole process in a single visit
  • No intra-appointment pain
  • Saves time – traveling and waiting time is cut short
  • Minimizes fear and anxiety
  • Minimizes incomplete treatment
  • Procedural Ease – Familiarity of the canal anatomy multiple visit requires re familiarization
  • Esthetics: For cases with fractured anterior, an esthetic restoration can be placed immediately

Disadvantages of Rotary RCT

  • Tiring for the patient: The longer single appointment could be tiring for some patients. Some patients with T.M.J problems may not be able to keep their mouth open for a long duration
  • Inexperienced dentist- inexperienced clinician may lack the skill to do the procedure effectively
  • Flare-ups: If a flare-up occurs, it is easier to establish drainage in a tooth which is not obdurate.
  • Not possible in all cases: Difficult cases like calcified canals, severe curvatures, weeping canal etc. may require additional visit and healing time

Why dentists do not suggest even when Single Visit RCT is possible?

  • Lack of clinical experience is the biggest factor
  • Fear of post-op pain
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of time – preference of multiple short visits rather than single longer visit
  • Lack of equipment
  • Fear of being “unconventional”
  • Fear of patient not accepting single visit Root Canal Treatment
  • Perceived discomfort to the patient
  • Not economically viable or commercially less attractive
When Single Visit RCT cannot be done?
  • Acute alveolar abscess cases with pus discharge.
  • Patients who have gum pain or disease
  • Painful non vital tooth with no sinus tract.
  • Asymptomatic teeth with apical lesion and no sinus tract.
  • Cases with procedural difficulties like calcified canals, curvatures, extra canals
  • Patients with TMJ disorders and inability to open the mouth.
  • Teeth with limited access.
  • Non-surgical re-treatment cases

Clinical Experience and ability of the clinician is the most important factor in Single Visit Root Canal Treatment. A clinician who is experienced in single visit RCT can perform the majority of cases in a single visit.

Single Visit RCT Cost

Single Visit RCT is usually costlier than regular multi-visit RCT, since it requires a specialist dentist called Endodontist to work on the procedure. Results of single visit RCT are found to better than regular RCT. Single visit RCT Cost in Gurgaon  only at – Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics.

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