Pros & Cons of Lingual Braces (Braces Behind the Teeth)

Pros and Cons of Braces Behind the Teeth

Behind teeth bracesalso known as lingual braces, are braces that fit behind the teeth rather than in front. The perk of lingual braces is that they are not easily seen. However, lingual braces can be more expensive than other options. Below we provide the pros and cons of braces installed behind teeth, as well as a few other options for your child’s smile.

Braces Behind the Teeth: Pros & Cons

Lingual Braces in Gurgaon
Lingual Braces in Gurgaon

Braces are a big deal for kids and teens — and for you as a parent, when it comes to paying for them.

Besides appearance, are there any other benefits to choosing braces that are behind the teeth?

No. Lingual braces work in the same way as traditional braces and usually take the same time to align teeth.

What can my child eat with lingual braces?

Here are some of the foods that your child should and shouldn’t eat with lingual braces:

Are there any disadvantages to lingual braces?

Not all orthodontists offer lingual braces and they can be expensive. On top of that, some patients complain of lingual braces bothering their tongue. They are more difficult to clean and regular appointments take longer than traditional metal braces.

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What is the average price of lingual braces?

The price of lingual braces varies based on whether you have insurance and what services are covered, as well as the orthodontist you choose. On average, lingual braces cost anywhere from Rs 90,000/- to Rs 110,000/-

Are there any braces that are similar to lingual braces but less expensive?

Lingual braces are the only braces that fit behind the teeth. However, there are other types of braces that are less noticeable than metal braces. Two common types are invisible braces and ceramic braces, ceramic braces are less expensive than invisible braces. Check out the price list here

Where can I take my child for an orthodontic consultation In Gurgaon?

We offer braces consultations at all our centers. we offer an 18-month traditional metal braces treatment for your child at an affordable low price. Check out cost of braces in Gurgaon.

we are happy to discuss the behind-the-teeth braces with you, whether you have insurance or not. Call Center for Dental Implants today at +91 9871631066 or Book Online to get started with your braces consultation!


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