Diabetic Dental Care Tips

Diabetic Dental Care Tips

Diabetic Dental Care Tips
Diabetic Dental Care Tips

Diabetic Dental Care Tips Are you a diabetic? If yes the read on. Here are a few diabetic dental care tips to maintain good dental care. Diabetes and high blood sugar level poses challenge for maintaining effective dental health.

Diabetic Dental Care Tips

  • Controlling your blood glucose is the most important step you can take to prevent tooth and gum problems. People with diabetes, especially those whose blood glucose levels are poorly controlled, are more likely to get gum infections than non-diabetics. Once a severe gum infection progresses in a person with diabetes, it takes longer to heal. This uncontrolled diabetes typically shows multiple periodontal abscesses (swelling with pus discharge on gums) and if the infection lasts for a long time, the diabetic person may lose teeth.
  • Because of uncontrolled or consistent high blood sugar levels the bone surrounding the teeth may get damaged by infection, dentures may not always fit properly, may require frequent refitting and may no longer be perfect substitutes for your natural teeth. To prevent try to make changes in your diet to control blood sugar and take medications regularly and go for regular visits to your physician.

Diabetic Dental Care – What to Do?

  • Use a soft fine bristles brush between the gums and the teeth in a vibrating motion to take care of your gums. Place the rubber tip on the toothbrush between the teeth and move it in a circle. Rinse daily with an antiseptic mouthwash. Powered tooth brushes and waterpik are latest advanced methods can be used for maintaining hygiene.
  • If you notice that your gums bleed while you are eating or brushing your teeth, see a dentist to determine if you have a beginning infection. You should also notify your dentist if you notice other abnormal changes in your mouth, such as patches of whitish-colored skin, swelling on gums, mild consistent pain in teeth.
  • Have a dental checkup every 6 months for deep cleaning and polishing. Be sure to tell your dentist that you have diabetes and ask him or her to demonstrate procedures that will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Follow these diabetic dental care tips and to schedule you dental check-up today. Remember your first dental check-up is always free with center for dental implants & esthetics. Also check out cost of dental procedures in India.

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