Root Canal Therapy and Dental Crown

Why it is must to get a Crown After Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy
Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy :  Once you get a tooth root treated, you need to reinforce and fortify your treated tooth with a dental crown. Root Canal Therapy (RCT) usually weakens the tooth and requires a permanent dental restoration to remain strong. In a very cases patient may not need a crown depending on the tooth position and overall structure, there just fillings can work.

Dr Jyoti Singh (MDS) Explains what cap is necessary after RCT


A tooth usually becomes fragile after a root canal therapy as dentist has to drill right through the tooth to get to the canal which are infected. While drilling a lot of tooth structure is lost. Also, the tooth gets weaker due to the cavity or infection prior to any procedure. After the treatment, the overall tooth structure is not as strong as it once was. Everyday functional use of teeth like eating and speaking causes further damage to the structure.

A sturdy dental crown is required to cover tooth to fortify it and prevent it from fractures or chips.


Post root canal therapy, at times, some nerves, which get exposed may become extra sensitive to heat and cold. This is very irritating and uncomfortable situation for the patients. This is another important reason, why it is required to cover the tooth with a dental crown after root canal therapy.


When root canals are infected, many teeth suffer changes in color due of infection or after a root canal therapy. If a tooth becomes grayed or deeply discolored, dentist use a dental crown can provide a natural-looking appearance and color to match the other teeth.


After a root canal therapy, top most layer of the tooth is at a higher risk of infection and contamination. To prevent a possible re-contamination, also called as a failed root canal treatment, a dental crown is placed over the tooth to seal it off from harmful leakage. On re-contamination a re-root canal therapy (Re-RCT) may be possible but in extreme cases tooth extraction is the only solution left.


Almost all teeth that have to undergo root canal therapy already have a cavity, which was neglected and the infection that started from surface, reached out to canals. A tooth with a history of large decay cannot be sealed with a filling.

Fillings may provide some protection, but are not enough for complete protecting the tooth. Any tooth that has got a filling or suffered deep decay earlier or was chipped/fractured before root canal treatment, or present in back  of mouth used for chewing and is exposed to bite forces must be restored with a dental crown.


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