Gum Recession Treatment

Gum Recession Treatment Gum recession is a common oral health condition characterized by the gradual loss of gum tissue, which leads to the exposure of the tooth roots. Normally, the gums cover the roots of the teeth, providing protection and support. However, various factors can cause the gums to recede, resulting in a range of … Read more

Do Aligners Work?

Do Aligners Work? Do Aligners Work? Aligners have emerged as a highly effective and successful orthodontic treatment option, providing individuals with a means to achieve straighter teeth and a confident smile. Let’s explore the evidence and substantiations that support the notion that aligners do work. Aligners: An Effective Orthodontic Treatment Option Orthodontic aligners have proven … Read more

Who is a Dental Specialist?

Who is the Dental Specialist Near me? Who is the Dental Specialist near me : Some one who is expert and specialises in a particular aspect of dentistry. Like medical science, dentistry has also evolved in super specialisation. This has helped patients immensely in getting appropriate treatment with desired outcome.Today let’s understand how does one … Read more

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