All you wanted to know about Dental Implants

All you wanted to know about dental implants
X-ray Dental Implant Placed in Bone

All You Wanted to Know About Dental Implants

All you wanted to know about Dental Implants

A recent study published in an American dental journal compared two groups of patients the general population who got information from less reliable sources like family or friends and patients who visited the dentist. Study Reference Link

The study concluded that general population were less aware about the material and longevity of implants and had information from less reliable sources than patients who visited the primary dentists before undergoing dental implant procedure. So visiting a dentist before choosing an implant is important and beneficial for you.  The study also showed that both groups reported cost of the procedure as a primary barrier to receiving implants (89% and 90%).

We are happy to tell you, all you wanted to know about Dental Implants ; by collecting references and generating awareness through authentic reliable scientific sources (checkout the links within this blog).

Myths & Facts

Myth: 41% of general population thought that implants are made up of porcelain which is unfortunately not the correct material.

Fact: Medical grade titanium and its alloys are the most common material. Zirconia is a metallic oxide which in another form ie. Cubic zirconia is used to make artificial diamond jewelry.

Zirconia Implants

Cubic Zirconia

Titanium vs Zirconia


Myth: 42% of general population thought that implants last only up to 10-15 years or less

Fact: Implants have remained in patients’ mouths for 30 years or more provided a preventive maintenance program is followed by the patient to help them in insuring the long-term success of implants and teeth.

Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery
Life of a Dental Implant

Myth:  The most important factor for not receiving an implant would be the cost of the procedure,

Fact: Cost of the procedure varies according to the type of implant chosen, type of material of crown over the implant, number of implants, quality and quantity of the bone available for placement of implants, closeness of planned implant to the vital structures, specialization and experience of the surgeon or the implantologist who is doing the surgery. So according to the finances available implants can be done for every individual.

Cost of Dental Implant India
Low Cost Dental Implants

Myth: Fear of surgery and placement of a foreign material in the body as dental implant.

Fact: Every fear in the world can be successfully overcome by gaining maximum information about it and facing it. You should clear each and every doubt about the procedure without any hesitation from the implantologist. If needed implantologist can prescribe you medications to alleviate your anxiety one night before and he/she will follow a stress reduction protocol during the procedure. If you have undergone removal of the tooth before from dentist implant surgery closely resembles it so no need for you to get worried about it. Although implant is a foreign body but it is made up of a material which is totally bio-compatible and you will never have a foreign body reaction because of the implant material per se. It is made up of same material which is used for hip-joint or knee joint replacement.

How Long Dental Implants Last
Painless Implant Surgery

Myth: Once dental implants are done you don’t have to take care of them and you are free from any dental problem.

Fact: Home care and maintenance of implants is necessary for successful treatment and longevity of implants. There are interdental brushes and dental floss which should be used along with regular brushing twice daily. Also regular dental visits every 6 months  to 1 year is a must to make sure your implants and crowns over them are healthy.

Interdental Brushing
Intradental Brushing Technique
Myth: Smoking few cigarettes per day will not affect the success and future of implant.


Fact: if you wish your implants to last longer we suggest you to stay away from smoking completely as risk of implant failure in smokers is far higher than non-smokers. To increase implant survival in smokers, it is advised to stop the habit at least 1 week prior to and up to 2 months  or more if possible after implant placement. Reference.

Smoking & Dental Implants
Dental Implants & Smokers

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