Best Dental Implants in Gurgaon :: Are Implants Permanent?

Best Dental Implants in Gurgaon :: Are Implants Permanent?

Best Dental Implants in Gurgaon : Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth, they can help improve self-esteem and confidence. Many people who have spaces in their mouth due to lost teeth can smile with pride after they get dental implant.

Aside from the esthetics of implants, they make it easier for you to speak and eat since the dentist secures them in your jaw with titanium posts. You don’t have to worry about your implant coming loose at the wrong time like dentures. Since they aren’t anchored to your other teeth, dental implants support your overall oral health.

There are dental implant alternatives, including, dentures and bridges. As a current or future tooth restoration patient, it’s prudent for you to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of each so you can make the best tooth replacement decision for your lifestyle and preferences.

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Best Dental Implants in Gurgaon

How long does a dental implant last? You may have heard the life of a dental implant is 25 years or more, which is true, as long as you take proper care of them. Whether dental implants last forever is influenced by a variety of factors, such as:

  • How well you take care of your dental implants, like daily flossing and brushing, seeing an implantologist in Gurgaon at least once a year.
  • Avoiding chewing or biting down on extremely hard items, like pen tips or pencils, and not opening things with your teeth.
  • How skillful your dentist is at placing your dental implant. Experts know how to evaluate the progress of osseointegration and whether your jawbone has completely absorbed the implant.
  • Your lifestyle and overall general health.

How Long Do Teeth Implants Last If I Need a Bone Grafting Procedure?

Less than 10 percent of people getting best dental implants in Gurgaon need bone grafts.

Loss of jawbone usually  occur due to trauma, infections, diseases, or tooth lost long time back and bone goes down. Bone graft is done to ensure proper bone density for tooth implant to be placed there.

There are four kinds of bone grafts for dental implants:

  • Autogenous Grafts: This is the most popular type of bone grafting technique and involves removing small bone grafts from your hip, where bones are marrow-rich and can supply plenty of bone cells.
  • Allografts: Instead of using bone from your own body, allografts rely on human donors to supply bone grafts.
  • Xenografts: This bone graft is not from a human source, but rather from an animal — usually a cow. It is completely compatible with your bone composition and anatomy.
  • Alloplastic Bone Grafts: Instead of using natural bone elements, alloplastic grafts are synthetic, calcium phosphate grafts that are resorbable or non-resorbable.

How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My Old Dental Implant?

You may never need to replace your best dental implants in Gurgaon as long as it doesn’t become loose, develop an infection or is damaged in some way.

For optimal care, you should visit your implantologist once a year for a regular check-up and to ensure your dental implant is healthy and functioning normally.

Are Dental Implants Successful?

Dental Implants in Gurgaon





According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), dental implants have a 95 percent average success rate, but their success depends on the location of your missing teeth and your health and lifestyle.

Since they penetrate the gum and jaw bone, some people, such as those who suffer from diabetes or smoke, might not be well-suited for implants.

Before suggesting one or more permanent dental implant solutions, your dentist examines your teeth, jawbone and gums and lets you know if you’re a good candidate.



How to Know if Dental Implant Needs to Be Examined

Your dentist needs to examine your  dental implant in the event you have complications or the procedure has failed. Though this is unusual, when you get best dental implants in Gurgaon, but you should look out for these.

Complications – Best Dental Implants in Gurgaon

Although complications are rare and  are resolved easily, they can still happen. Teeth implant complications include:

  • Infection around your implant area, loose implant or an implant falls out.
  • Tissue or nerve damage causing numbness, pain or tingling in your gums, chin, lips or natural teeth.
  • Pressure on the area of your implant, which could cause the implant to fall out or fail.
  • Sinus problems due to implants touching sinus cavities, if your implants are placed in your upper jaw.
  • Peri-implantitis, where the surrounding bone and gum of your implant becomes inflamed due to bacterial infection or excessive biting forces. This condition, if left untreated, can cause you to lose your implant.

It’s important to follow routine maintenance care at your home and implant review once a year.

During your dental implant review process, implantologist examines hard and soft tissues around Implant and uses special tools to remove any hard, calcified deposits.

They may adjust your bite if necessary to avoid the force of heavy biting, which could negatively impact the implant.

Best Dental Implants in Gurgaon Can Also Fail

Although usually made of titanium metal, which is very hard there is still a chance your implant can break or bend. Thanks to advances in the materials and designs of implants, this doesn’t happen as often today as it did years ago.  This happens when the  implant is exposed to excessive external forces, like grinding teeth or a blow to the face, it can fracture or crack.

In most cases, if your dental implant fails, it’s possible to save it provided you get to your dentist quickly.

Your dentist can build up the gum tissue and bone that surrounds your implant. Generally, the implant must be removed to allow the area to recover and heal. Then, your dentist can attempt a new implant when they feel the area is suitable again. You may require a bone graft, which works as a foundation and improves your implant success rate.

If your implant fails again, it could be an indication of an allergy or that your bone density is not sufficient for the implant, but, again, this would be extremely unusual.

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