Checks before Dental Implant Surgery

Checks before Dental Implant Surgery

What are checks before dental implant surgery? Dental implants are surgically placed metallic or non-metallic screws used to replace missing teeth, gave people an opportunity to get their toothy smiles back with teeth which not only real but also feel like real teeth. It can overcome the problem of dentures becoming loose while talking or eating or yawning.

Patients should know, however, that before they get can have a full set of teeth again, they have to undergo a rigorous procedure. If you are planning to get dental implants you should communicate with your implantologist well ahead in time. You should also have the knowledge about these checks before dental implant surgery to make the treatment a success:

  1. Patient selection and treatment planning: The dentist would be the best person to judge if you meet all the criteria needed for the successful implant therapy like the quantity and amount of bone present for placement of screws. It requires a lot of effort, diligence and communication between different medical/ dental specialties to determine the fulfillment criteria.
  2. Past dental or medical illness: Tell your dentist about any dental illness in the past like Pyorrhea / Cavity and medical illness like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart problems, Asthma, Blood thinners, Depression etc. Smoking or chewing tobacco habits need special attention as smokers have shown a failure rate of 7-20%. (Ref:) It is always better to inform the dentist beforehand than to regret later.
  3. Length of procedure and duration of treatment: Be prepared for multiple review by your dentist before and after completion of your dental implant procedure. Unlike dental crowns, dental implants in are not a one-time surgery; it entails a multi-step process that can span between a few weeks to more than couple months in a few cases. The process is long as the jawbone and mouth must adjust to withstand implants and future crown for a long time. Implant candidate must show patience as the wait is rewarded a new set of, life like (not artificial feeling) teeth for whole life.
  4. Bone Splitting/ Grafting: If your dentist determines that you don’t have a thick enough jawbone, you might have to undergo bone splitting and/ or grafting. Bone grafting strengthens your jaw by borrowing bone from another source of your body or using an artificial bone material. The procedure may take a few days to weeks to complete since your jaw will need ample time to regrow bone mass.
  5. Maintain Excellent Oral Care: Your dentist will tell you to maintain excellent dental health, so that your gums are able to accept the implants. Moreover, you need to follow special instructions before the surgery like eating a healthy balanced diet, maintenance of meticulous oral hygiene, using special anti-bacterial mouthwashes, inter-dental brushes, floss etc.
  6. Regular follow up for review and management of complications if any during or after the dental implant procedure: Regular follow up reviews are necessary for ensuring the success of the dental implant procedure. If the procedure is followed chances of failure is reduced to minimum. Occurrence of issues depends a lot on how strictly patient follows dentist’s instructions and issue management also depends on the timely reporting of the issue to the dentist.

Modern technology has made dental implant procedure painless and swift. The success of the dental implant treatment thus lies in the hands of both the dentist and the patient. The implantologist should execute the planned treatment well and patient should agree to and follow the instructions. Do keep in mind these checks before dental implant surgery. Schedule your dental implant consultation today.

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