How Dental Implants Stop Jaw Bone Loss

How Dental Implants Stop Jaw Bone Loss

Jaw Bone Loss

Jaw Bone Loss : It is important for our patients to understand how their oral health can affect their chances of successful dental procedures. Jaw bone loss is a common symptom of tooth loss that goes unchecked for a long time. If you lose a tooth and do not replace it for a long time, there is a good chance that you will begin to lose bone in the jaw where that tooth was lost. Fortunately, dental implants can halt, and even reverse this process and keep your jaw bone healthy.


Why Does Jaw Bone Loss Occur?

Every part of your body expects to receive a certain amount of use, and when you stop using it regularly, that part of the body will begin to atrophy. The same rule applies to your jaw bone – it expects a certain amount of tactile feedback from your teeth while you eat and speak throughout the day. Even clenching your jaw gives the bone some feedback that helps to stimulate normal and healthy bone density.

When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone that used to support the tooth stops receiving this tactile feedback. After enough time passes with no stimulation from a tooth, the bone in your jaw will start to lose bone density, and eventually will recede. 

The Results of Jaw Bone Loss

When you lose bone in the jaw a few different things will happen. Firstly, it puts you at significantly higher risk of further tooth loss. Neighboring teeth rely on the bone in your jaw to be healthy and strong. Bone loss in the jaw usually means that neighboring teeth are at a much higher risk of being lost, or will decline in health. 

Aside from further tooth loss, bone loss in the jaw will often result in a sunken facial appearance. The teeth and bone in your jaw do a lot for your facial structure, and when you lose several teeth and some of the bone that used to support them, your face can appear sunken.

Dental Implants Restore Health to Your Jaw Bone

One of the biggest benefits that dental implants  offer is the continued oral health benefit that you gain from the implant posts that are surgically placed in the jaw. We surgically place the titanium dental implant posts into the bone of your jaw in the areas where you have experienced tooth loss.

These implant posts are integrated into your bone structure through a healing process known as osseointegration, where the bone in your jaw grows around the implant posts, creating a strong bond. The result is that your new dental implants acts as the root of your natural tooth would, giving your jaw bone the tactile feedback that it needs to stay healthy. The result is your jaw bone is naturally replenished and restored to its previous, healthy state. 

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