Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants Cost: What you must Know

Dental Implants Cost

Like every other person who has a missing tooth, does dental implants cost brings water to your eyes? You might be surprised how affordable dental implants are compared to other tooth replacement options. While dental implant cost can vary widely in your city, there are certain factors that you should consider.  Currently in Delhi NCR Dental Implants cost vary from Rs 15000/- for a single dental implant to over Rs 60000/-. Why such variance and what should you be looking at when considering dental implant cost.

Dental implants are a relatively new in India its been decade when they became a choice for tooth replacement.

Let’s look at why should you even get dental implants?

#1: Quality of Life after getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are the standard for tooth replacement. It’s easy to understand why. Dental implants are renowned for the quality of life they offer to you:

  • Dental implants are the most natural looking tooth replacement option. When friends and acquaintances see your smile, the dental implant may be almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Why? Because an expert in implant dentistry has the skills to create dental implants that fit your unique mouth size and shape. In addition, an implant can be made to look more realistic than many teeth replacement options.
  • Dental implants won’t slip like dentures. Every social interaction can put you on edge when you are worried about your dentures slipping as you talk, laugh or eat. In contrast, a dental implant is fixed firmly in your mouth, anchored by your jawbone. Smile, laugh, and eat all you want – the dental implant will not slip. This gives you peace of mind.

#2: Cost Effective simply because they last for your life

Dental implants have been found to be a cost effective option both for single tooth replacement and multiple teeth replacement. While some tooth replacement options may have a lower up front cost, dental implants are cost effective over the long term because of their quality, long lasting nature. If you plan to smile for years to come, dental implants can be a choice even your accountant will love.

Most teeth replacement solution dentures or bridges have a basic challenge, that do not fill the gap in the jaw bone, because of which gradually the teeth shift and shape of the gums and jaw changes over time and the replacement solution becomes ill-fitting over time. Natural wear tear also plays a role  – a bridge or denture normally needs to be replaced in 5-7 years. So dental implant cost when compared in total, is actually much lower in the long run.

#3: Long Term Health Associated with Dental Implants

Dental implants may also offer better oral health-related quality of life compared with other tooth replacement options. This is related to the bonding of the implant with your jawbone – it can be more important than you might realize. Yes, it reduces the slipping associated with dentures, but just as importantly, it stimulates healthy bone formation. In contrast, dentures and other non-implant options can lead to bone loss over time as the body senses that the tooth is missing. In addition, while dentures may allow food to wedge in between the gums and the denture itself, dental implants behave like natural teeth.

Where should you get your dental implants?

  1. At a qualified clinic which has dental implants expertise : Implant dentistry is new field anyone claiming decades of expertise in this is incorrect. Dentist who do dental implants are especially trained to this kind procedure and are called Implantologist. Ask about digital implant facility and technique they can use. Do they have in-house implantologist or someone visiting.
  2. How to select right implantologist : Many scrupulous dentist with short term implant courses of a few weeks claim to be an implantologist. You must request them for their qualification, usually they will have Master Degree in Prosthodontics or  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery or a Peridontist. Ask them about their experience usually it will be up to a decade and not more (since it a new technique) .
  3. How to select right brand of dental implants: Costlier the implant better it will be does not hold true in case of dental implants. Most implants are titanium alloy, it is  the additional surface coating that creates the difference. Your age, site of implant, general oral health, amount of bone determine what time of dental implant is required. Most dental implant brands available in India  like – Top, Adin, CWM, Megagen, Nobel Biocare and Straumann are time tested brands.

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 Dental Implant Cost in India 

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