Dental Treatment at Home

Dental Treatment at Home

Dental Treatment at Home
Dental Treatment at Home

Dental Treatment at Home : Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics offers dental treatment at home for selective patients and also for selective services.

This service primarily is aimed at serving patient who have challenges in mobility owing to a medical condition. Please call +91 9871631066 for availability & booking.

Dental Treatment at Home Charges

Additional Charges Payable over in-clinic treatment charges  : Please refer to in-clinic dental treatment charges here.

Service Booking Fee (includes 1 visit & registration charges for a year) : Rs 3500/-

Per additional visitsRs 2000/-

What Dental Treatment Can be Done at Home

The service is an extension of in-clinic treatment is not a replacement of the same. Very few procedures can be done without the use of equipment that are available in the clinic. Please check with the staff regarding dental treatment possible at home.

Patients who are bedridden or have special needs, mobility issues should take benefit of these services. Cilinic reserves the right to refuse dental treatment at home, if patient’s condition is deemed fit to visit the clinic.

Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, humbly requests patient to avail this service when it is actually needed.

Call +91 9871631066