Can I get Oral Implants?

Can I get Oral Implants?

Oral Implants
Oral Implants

Oral Implants are without question the modern way to replace missing teeth. Small Titanium ‘replacement roots’ are used to anchor new teeth. This can be a single tooth, maybe lost through an accident or infection, several teeth, which may have been lost over a number of years for various reasons or a whole set of teeth, maybe lost through the effects of gum disease or neglect.

Modern dental treatment can reconstruct lost dental function or compromised appearances through the use of oral implants a natural feel and look can be restored.

So, there is no longer any need to be embarrassed about that missing tooth or that ‘shaky, ill-fitting denture’, oral implants can certainly re-build your confidence and restore your smile.

Age, Medical Condition : Is that a barrier for Getting Oral Implants?

Many people feel that in this age of technological advances, wearing a denture is not only uncomfortable but also unacceptable. Much of my time is spent providing implant supported teeth which allow people to discard their dentures and speak, eat and smile naturally again.

There are very few situations where implants cannot be used. If you are healthy enough to have routine dental care, then, generally you are suitable for implants.We will carefully check your medical background to be absolutely sure that the treatment is provided safely.

Oral Implants need healthy bone to function. If you do not have the right amount of bone required, no need to be disappointed! We have safe and predictable techniques for rebuilding the required amount of bone. We will use x-rays, CT scans and computerized imaging to thoroughly assess what is required.

Age is not a barrier to oral implants treatment. We recently, successfully treated an old lady who was miserable because her dentures were so sore that she couldn’t eat properly. She was, initially a little reluctant to start treatment, but now says ‘I am so glad that I did proceed, now I can eat anything I like with comfort again’.

Don’t let your concerns stand in the way of simply getting the right advice.

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