Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth

Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth

Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth

Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth : Are you facing the challenge of tooth loss and feeling uncertain about the best solution for restoring your smile?

When considering options like removable teeth set (dentures) or fixed teeth (full mouth implants), it’s crucial to make an informed decision.

To help you in this process, let’s delve into a quick comparison between the two alternatives. By examining various aspects such as appearance, comfort, stability, maintenance, durability, and more, we can explore the benefits and considerations associated with removable teeth sets and fixed teeth.

Understanding these factors will aid you in finding the optimal dental solution that meets your needs, preferences, and long-term oral health goals.

Comparison Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth

AspectRemovable Teeth SetFixed Teeth
AppearanceMay appear less naturalCan look more natural
ComfortMay cause discomfort or irritationUsually more comfortable
StabilityLess stable, can move or shiftMore stable, no movement
Speech ImpedimentAffects speech clarity & needs time to getting used toMinimal impact on speech
ProsthesisComplete Dentures / BPS DenturesAll on 4, Full Arch, Paulo Malo Bridge
DurabilityLess durable, prone to damageMore durable, long-lasting
EatingMay restrict certain foods – which are hard and chewyCan eat most foods
AdjustmentsCan be adjusted or repaired, require frequent adjustment as time passesLimited adjustments possible
Cost (Initial)Generally less expensiveMore expensive
Cost (Recurring)May require periodic relining or replacementMinimal recurring costs
Time for CompletionQuicker fabrication and deliveryLonger process for completion
Bone PreservationLeads to bone loss over time, as no teeth roots need the bone, it resorbsPreserves bone structure
Affects Fit over TimeMay require adjustments due to changes in bone structureMinimal impact on fit over time
ReversibilityEasily removablePermanent solution
Oral HygieneRequires good denture hygieneRegular oral hygiene routine
Jaw AlignmentCauses changes in jaw alignmentHelps maintain jaw alignment
ConfidenceAffects self-confidence as prone to come out or slipsBoosts self-confidence
Comparison Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth

Cost Comparison Removable Teeth Set vs Fixed Teeth

Removable Teeth Set Cost – Rs 20,000/- to Rs 40,000/- from basics complete dentures for both jaws to Ivoclar teeth based dentures to BPS Dentures.

Fixed Teeth Set Cost – Starts from Rs 175000/- per jaw can go upto Rs 300000/- for both the jaws. Check out latest cost of full mouth implants on implants cost page.

Final Words

In conclusion, choosing between a removable teeth set (dentures) or fixed teeth (full mouth implants) requires careful consideration of various factors.

While removable teeth sets offer flexibility and easier maintenance, they may be less stable and require periodic adjustments.

On the other hand, fixed teeth provide a more natural appearance, enhanced stability, and long-term durability, but involve a higher initial cost and a longer treatment process.

Additionally, fixed teeth contribute to bone preservation and help maintain jaw alignment. It is crucial to weigh these aspects against your personal preferences, budget, and oral health goals.

Consulting with a dental professional will provide invaluable guidance in selecting the ideal solution for restoring your smile, confidence, and overall oral well-being.

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